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"Trust your inner guidance and follow your heart, for your soul has your blue print and the universe has your back." - Hazel Butterworth

It’s a pleasure to share some of my most recent updates, exciting endeavours and general health and wellbeing news you might have missed. Make sure you stay up-to-date by checking back often.

Liquid Drop

Meditation Benefits

Meditation is a completely natural way of helping you to find inner peace and wellness, all the tools are free and portable and there are different styles of meditation so one will suit you.

When asked what is meditation?  Most people will laugh and say, ‘sitting cross legged and chanting.’  Well in some cultures it is but it is much more than that simplistic explanation.

Meditation has been studied for hundreds of years with earliest records showing the practice of meditation in wall art in India back in 5000BC. As it moved through the stages of development, the different types of meditation emerged. In the late 1900’s a scientific research paper was published, more recently meditation is starting to be used more frequently in the medical arena. 

In most cases, with regular short practice, it becomes so natural and easy to achieve that quiet stillness that leads to relaxation, stress relief, well-being and eventually inner contemplation.

Along the Meditation journey, it can also aid concentration and focus, may reduce memory loss, help to control pain, make sleeping easier, bring about balance, increase creativity and patience and allows you to have some ‘time out’ in this very fast paced society.


Meditation by Candlelight

A monthly Meditation Circle where relaxation is the aim.  A few hints and tips are shared and a lovely calm meditation follows.

It is your choice to either sit comfortably in a chair or to bring a sleeping bag and mat to experience the meditation snugged up on the floor.  Bring whatever you need to be comfortable and warm. 

Feedback and questions can be made privately or within the group over a cuppa. 

Visual Guided Meditations are used. No previous experience required, simply follow my voice.

Dates for Meditation by Candle Light  


22nd April 2024

24th June 2024

22nd July 2024

23rd September 2024

28th October 2024

25th November 2024

Venue is St Martin's & St Hilda's Church Hall Carleton Poulton Le Fylde FY6 7NU

Contact Yvette for further information or to book your place - £12.  7pm until 8pm


One to One Meditation

Meditation built around your needs with time for feedback and discussion afterwards.

Meditation: News

Meditation Prices

One to one meditation sessions £20

One to one meditation infused with Reiki (via shoulders or feet) £30

Meditation By Candle Light £10.00

Meditation tasters available for staff/work place training/well-being days – please contact to discuss further.

Meditation: Text
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