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"Reiki is the best vibration for helping someone to relax well and deeply.  Relaxation is the key to human health and recovery because it initiates our natural and innate healing abilities.  It is when we are truly relaxed that true healing can take place. " - Chyna Honey

Reiki is, as it says in the quote above, time for you.  A session based on relaxation in order for you to heal. 

A Reiki session is always fully clothed and will usually last one hour.  With time to discuss the session before and after with your Reiki Practitioner.  Whilst the session is taking place you will lay on a therapy bed (or sit in a chair if preferred), you will be covered to keep you warm and the practitioner will work over you using light touch if agreed. 

The Practitioner will work in association with the chakras and meridians in your body.  Each Reiki session is individual to the client and will be different on each occasion depending on what your body requires at that time.  At the very minimum deep relaxation is normally attained.

Reiki Sessions offered by Yvette Reiki Master Teacher

Reiki Session (allow 90mins) £40.00

Head, Hands & Feet Chakra Cleanse (allow 70 mins) £35.00

Reiki Infused Head Massage  (70 mins) £35.00

Virtual Realtime Reiki Session (allow 70 mins) £35.00

Virtual Reiki Backpack £25.00

Reiki Back Body Massage (clothed) Ketsueki Kokan (allow 90 mins) £40.00

Taster and Top Ups (allow 45 mins)£20.00

Reiki Sessions offered by Julie Reiki Professional Practitioner CNHC registered

Reiki Session (1hr) £33

Distance Reiki session (1hr) £28

Reiki Backpack £15

In person Reiki Shares with CPD


All levels of Practitioners are welcome to attend.

20th May 2024

19th August 2024

18th November 2024

St. Martin's and St. Hilda's Church Hall Carleton, FY6 7NU

£8.00 Reiki Practitioner

Contact Yvette to book your place - you will receive a warm welcome.

Reiki Clinic 7-8.30pm

15 minute tasters

15th July 2024

21st October 2024

£10.00 per taster

Payment at time of booking to secure your slot.

Observing £2.00 

St. Martin's and St. Hilda's Church Hall Carleton, FY6 7NU

Contact Yvette to book your place - you will receive a warm welcome.

Reiki Taster Sessions

Reiki tasters available for staff and work place training or wellbeing days – please contact to discuss further.

Both Julie and Yvette would like to acknowledge and thank Ann Singleton Reiki Master Teacher for all the teaching, support and on-going mentorship that Ann provides.

Reiki: About

Reiki Courses

My Reiki courses have been assessed, verified and accredited by the UK Reiki Federation against recommended National Occupational Standards and the Reiki Core Curriculum as specified by the Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC).

Reiki Courses (Usui Shiki Ryoho)


1 day course (7 hours) – may be split into half days if required.

Not sure if you want to move along the Reiki ladder to Level 1 just yet but want to see how it all feels?  This is the course for you.  This is purely a self-care course which may help you to manage health conditions.  If you feel ready to move up to Level 1 at a later date – a second day may be purchased for the remaining Level 1 information. 

Level 1 (Foundation or Shoden – Beginner Teachings)

2 day course (14 Hours) - or can be split into shorter sessions if required.

This course is the beginning of your journey into Reiki.  It provides the fundamental basics necessary to start recognising the universal energy that is Reiki.  History and origins are provided along with the precepts and the understanding, this is an ancient healing art to be respected and treasured.

Level 2 (Practitioner or Okuden – Hidden/Inner Teachings)

2 day course (14 hours) can be split into shorter sessions.

Once you’ve embedded the Level 1 practices and are ready to explore more, this next level will call to you. The energy steps up again and your spiritual awareness will start to develop more too.  Practice and assessment is required before you are able to provide Reiki sessions to others.

Level 3a (Reiki Master Practitioner – Shinpiden)

Minimum 2 days (14 hours minimum)

This is a gradual process with mentoring and on-going support to build skills, understanding and confidence. Yet again the Universal Reiki energy steps up a gear and the student must be able to commit to deeper self-learning.  The spiritual awareness and the energetic connection to Reiki deepens over time bringing yet more questions and learning.

Level 3b (Reiki Master Teacher)

Minimum 2 days (14 hours minimum)

Students must be fully committed to this course as entering into a Master Teacher contract is a sacred responsibility and must not be underestimated. This is an on-going process of learning, mentoring groups and respecting the art of Reiki, continuing to grow spiritually and producing your own manuals. 

Respecting the Reiki Master Lineage and all that it stands for and integrating it with your own Reiki experiences is vitally important – all of which takes time.  The minimum 2 days learning is just the start of this journey.

Reiki Courses offered by Yvette

Self Care £111 (one day)

Level One £220 (two days)

Level Two £275 (two days)

CNHC Diploma Course - dependent on previous training and experience.

Reiki Master £375 (minimum 2 days)

Reiki Master Teacher £425 (minimum 2 days)

Mini Refresher Course £55

Reiki: Text
Reiki: Text

Distance Animal Reiki

Animals can sense energy way before we can – they are extremely perceptive.  As with Human Reiki, the choice to accept Reiki lies with the client. Animals have the same freedom of choice. 

Many animals will quickly accept Reiki and enjoy the whole experience, others may be tentative at first.  All will remove themselves and walk away when they’ve had enough.  It is important for you to remail with your animal whilst Reiki is being provided.

Yvette requires a photo of your animal. They are in charge of how much Reiki they receive at all times.  Nothing is forced.As the Reiki starts to flow, their reactions to the Reiki can differ.  It is always an interesting experience.  Do not worry if they do not initially follow your commands, they are simply working out the Reiki experience.  Let them settle of their own accord, unless of course there is a risk of them or anyone else being hurt. 

After each session, please make sure your animal has access to plenty of clean, fresh water – Reiki can make them very thirsty.  They may have wind afterwards or later on as the Reiki runs through their body – this is all quite normal.  They may want to sleep – let them do so.  Each animal will react differently, simply ensure you are aware of their demeanour and on hand to observe any behaviours.

When providing joint feedback after a Reiki session and agreeing a way forward, it is sometimes useful for the Owner to consider if it would be beneficial for them to also arrange a Reiki session for themselves. 

The number of sessions for each animal vary depending on need and circumstances.

Please be aware, as an Animal Reiki Practitioner, I am not a Vet and am therefore, unable to diagnose any illnesses or pass opinions on medical matters and will always refer you to your Vet as your first point of reference.

The Owner of the Animal is responsible for their Animal at all times. 

Adherence to the Animal Welfare Act 2006, Red Flag Symptoms and Notifiable Diseases is mandatory.

Distant Animal Reiki by Yvette 

Animal Reiki - small animals £20.00

                     - dogs & cats £25.00

            - equine £35.00

Numerous animals - price by discussion.

I also work alongside two super Animal Reiki ladies; Susie Tracey and Janet Buckingham and together we form Three Hearts Animal and Equine Reiki

Another fabulous lady I work with is Leanne Ball of Bella's Buddies Professional Pet Care Services.

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