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Upcoming Events

Holistic Taster Evenings

Book in to experience different holistic sessions.  Each evening will host a range of qualified practitioners ready to meet your needs.

Venue is St Martin's & St Hilda's Church Hall Carleton Poulton Le Fylde FY6 7NU

Doors open at 7pm.

Each taster lasts 15 minutes, sessions beginning at 7.05pm, 7.25pm, 7.45pm and 8.05pm.

Doors close at 8.30pm.

Cost £10 per session.

Payment required at time of booking to secure your place.

16th September

Yvette's Collaboration with Janet Buckingham Reiki Master Teacher

Book in to experience different healing and holistic sessions.  Each session will include sound and meditation.

Venue - St Martin's & St Hilda's Church Hall Carleton Poulton Le Fylde FY6 7NU

Sunday 11th August 2.30-4pm

Sunday 6th October 2.30-4pm

Sunday 1st December 2.30-4pm

Cost £20 per session.

Venue - Hambleton Village Hall, Church Lane, Hambleton, FY6 9BZ

Monday 9th September 7-8.30pm

Monday 4th November 7-8.30pm


Payment required at time of booking to secure your place.

Yoga and Meditation 

Yoga and Meditation workshops currently postponed.

Chair and/or floor yoga.  Don't worry if you haven't done yoga for a while Yvette and Sue Sheard will be providing 2 hours of well being and relaxation.


Venue is St Martin's & St Hilda's Church Hall Carleton Poulton Le Fylde FY6 7NU

Contact Yvette for further information.

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Reiki Share

Thank you to everyone who came to the Reiki Share this evening.

What a magical time we had. Janet Buckingham Reiki Master brought Mother Earth and the Circle of Friends and gorgeous crystals. Janet did heart breathing, grounding, Reiki and feedback.

Both our lovely Lynne and Ivan held space, provided Reiki and feedback.

We changed the format, discovered our personal power and used Reiki creatively.

The cards drawn to support our Reiki healing were beautiful, colourful and inspirational. Each one perfect in its own right.

And then we sent healing out to all those in need.

An amazing Reiki Share really. See you next month

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Yoga Meditation

13th May 2023

Sue of Swan Yoga and I held the Yoga with Meditation in the beautiful Church Hall Gardens today.

It was such a fantastic way to do Yoga and Meditate.

Thank you to the lovely ladies that came along. We had time to understand each pose, feel the sunshine and soft breeze upon us and listen to the birds singing. We even popped 2 koshi windchimes very carefully on to the magnolia tree and they chimed wonderfully.

Sue designed today's yoga session around somatic movement and I dovetailed in the meditation to fit.

A purely blissful 2 hours in nature being healthy and happy.

Hoping to do the same again next month. Can't wait


Blackpool Victoria Hospital Wellbeing Event

Many thanks to Hayley Willoughby of Blackpool Victoria Hospital.

Hayley very kindly organised a Well Being evening for hospital staff .

There were lots of lovely people offering their holistic practices for free. I didn't know all their names but here are some of them:

Susie Tracey of Lighthouse Wellbeing (KORE)

Janet Buckingham Reiki Master

Julie Marchese of Becalm & Heal

Andrea Diane Complementary Therapist

@ivan, The Reiki Practitioner, Kate and some lovely new Reiki ladies I spent time with- Cath and Julie.

There was also Meditation sessions going on as well as Reflexology. So something for everyone.

And the lovely Tammy from Calming Crystals was there too. (Yes I purchased more crystals.)

It was a beautiful evening and I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

Many Thanks to Hayley

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Menopause Awareness Event

What an amazing day.

Janet Buckingham Reiki Master, Julie Marchese of Becalm & Heal and myself were at Preston City Council today providing Reiki tasters to Staff.

The lovely Susie Tracey of Lighthouse Wellbeing was unable to join us today but was there in positive vibes.

We had a lovely time and received some marvellous feedback.

Thank you for the amazing organisation and kindness offered to us. The event ran perfectly.

Nov 2022

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Poulton Library

Yvette enjoyed collaborating with Janet Buckingham, Reiki Master Teacher and the WIN Social Prescribing & Wellbeing Team offering Reiki tasters and meditation tasters.

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