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A. H. May 2024

Julie has made me feel so good. Reiki is wonderful. Makes me feel well in my body, mind and soul.

Z. D. May 2024

I would describe myself as a skeptic and was dubious about what benefits Reiki could have.
I had a Reiki session with Julie when I was 39 weeks pregnant having just finished my pretty stressful job for maternity leave in the hope it would help relax me before giving birth.
It’s very hard to describe what Reiki is like and I’m sure it is different for everyone but I felt an enormous sense of release when Julie had finished, like it had given me the ability to let out a breath I’d been holding in. In the days after felt much lighter and it certainly helped clear my head and let go of a lot of tension and anxiety I was feeling, perfect in the lead up to giving birth.
I cannot recommend Julie enough and she has certainty changed my opinion of Reiki and the benefits it can have to your overall well-being.

S. S. Apr 2024

I went to Yvette with chronic pain in my wrist. After two visits it was gone. Yvette is just amazing, a very knowledgeable, talented and generous person.  I feel very luck to have crossed paths.

L.M. Apr 2024

I can’t recommend Julie enough ! she has been vital cog in supporting us on our home education journey and has provided maths and English tuition for Robin. She has been an invaluable help in supporting Robin and providing him with the knowledge and tools to help him to understand and regulate his emotions.

P.S. Apr 2024

Yvette is a very, very special person who is extremely knowledgeable and kind.  I first had distance Reiki from her about 4-5 years ago and can honestly say she has changed my life and attitudes for the best. She is an excellent teacher and steered me gently through a Reiki Self Care Course for which I will be eternally grateful.  All in all a wonderful person.

P. A. Apr 2024

Having been a typical long suffering stubborn male for some years now with my thoughts and struggles .I've always been very unsure about asking for help and have always thought everything will be ok,,,
Having spent time with Julie and a session in her very relaxed and friendly studio,something has changed for the much better and her words were very strong and powerful.
It was an outcome that has put me on a new path with a sence of stronger in mind and body.
Thank you Julie.

N. E. Mar 2024

Can’t recommend Julie highly enough x her skills are amazing and she is one of those people you meet in life who always makes things seem better xx

R.F Aug 2022

I am so grateful I found Yvette.  He meditation classes are so uplifting and guaranteed to make you relaxed.  Yvette is such a warm hearted, welcoming lady with so much knowledge on Reiki and spiritual practice.  I would recommend her services to anyone.

J.M May 2022

I have attended a card reading course with Yvette, she's great. The course had the perfect balance of being really informative and fun. She has also started putting on reiki shares which I am going to attend as much as I can, such beautiful energy and I left feeling great.   I have been lucky enough to join her reiki retreat today [May 2022] which she co-hosted with Ann Singleton. It was so interesting, really helpful with my development and blissful to switch off from the world and soak up that powerful energy. Such good value for money, can't wait until the next one! Thank you Yvette 💚

D.B Apr 2022

So pleased that I came in to contact with this Lady! She has been amazing from when I was heavily pregnant to recently when I have picked up Reiki again.  Yvette is really friendly, welcoming and just puts you at ease straight away.  I absolutely love my sessions I feel like a new woman I really do.  Thanks Yvette xxx

B.T Mar 2022

I love my sessions with Yvette! She's a fantastic listener, and she's brilliant at what she does.  I feel comfortable enough to talk about anything with her, she's really helped me grow as a person.  My friend also has regular sessios with Yvette, I hope she realises the positive impact she makes on people's lives.  Keep being you x I would recommend.

G.H. Mar 2022

I can't praise Yvette enough. Her gentle, sensitive manner and professional, effective guidance has had such a positive influence on my outlook and life changing decisions over the last 2 years .

N.E. Mar 2022

As a self described sceptic I came to Reiki a little reluctantly following a referral from a family member x I have to say I am now a complete convert! I have massively enjoyed the opportunity for self reflection and understanding- it has been a revelation! I am so intrigued by the opportunity to understand myself better and committed to the work involved in improving my own personal journey. Julie has been the best navigator and helped my identify the clues and indicators that I have been giving myself but not recognized. It is honestly a life changing experience and one I don’t think I will ever be able to step away from now I have been made aware of the power of Reiki! I can honestly say as a complete sceptic and not at all spiritual person I was very doubtful that Reiki would have anything to offer me, but it has been completely transformational and an absolute insight into my true self! Do your true self a favor and give it a go!

N.B. Mar 2022

I recently had a five card reading with Yvette, my reading was extremely accurate. I am currently making lifestyle changes and my reading was about this, I know I am on the right path and my reading confirmed this. I am so happy with the outcome of my reading and has given me the knowledge that the changes I am making are the right ones. Thank you so much Yvette
I would highly recommend a reading with Yvette, I’ve already referred a friend, she was so impressed with my reading

J.C. Mar 2022

Absolutely fantastic, would definitely recommend. Yvette is a wonderful person.

N.B. Mar 2022

I have reiki once a month with Julie and I can honestly say it’s one of the best decisions I have ever made. I feel more confident in myself, my abilities and my self worth. Julie is incredibly attentive to my needs, she listens to how I’m feeling and cares about how you feel. Her feedback is incredibly detailed and always spot on
I would highly recommend reiki, it’s made such a huge difference to me and the way I feel

J.B. Jan 2022

I've done this course with Yvette, and I can honestly say she knows her stuff.  It's good value for money and her enthusiasm rubs off on you.  I am really glad that I completed this course and then after which Yvette also arranges various tasks in the card circle she has set up to help keep us on our toes.  This is always optional for you to dip in and out dependant on your time and interests (it isn't compulsory).

S.J. Jan 2022

The card reading [workshop] is worth doing, something I always wanted to do, now I have the tools to do so.

J.H. May 2021

I recently received a three card reading from Yvette: Past, Present, Future.  Wow She was spot on, I was so impressed.  This was an audio reading and she was very thorough with lots of details that resonated with me.  If this is something you are interested in - I would definitely recommend her.

N.B. Feb 2021

This was my first session [of distance Reiki with Julie] and didn't know what to expect.  I was pleasantly surprised about the sensations you feel and how relaxed you are afterwards.
The feedback that you are given afterwards gives you something to work towards and makes you think about how you can do things differently.

L.R. Feb 2021

[Distance Reiki with Julie] felt relaxing.  Strange at times - I could feel parts of my body warming and cooling. I felt energised and relaxed at the same time.

J.B. Dec 2020

If you choose to have any of Yvette's holistic therapies you won't be disappointed.  She's also a Reiki Master Teacher, if you're thinking about Reiki courses, why not have a chat with her?

L.S. Dec 2020

I have just received an online card reading from Yvette and wow it certainly did not disappoint.  Yvette's reading was definitely thought provoking and she hit the nail right on the head with certain elements.  The reading even though online was thorough, clear and very personable.  Yvette's lovely energy shone throughout.  I highly recommend her services.  5 stars from me.

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